A downloadable game for Windows

Hack and Slash game where you fight your way through enemys to the final boss

one problem found sometimes during battle one of the enemies will not be able to die i didn't have time to find the problem in the code but i found if you let the time run out then hit restart you should then be able to finish the level. sorry about that

WASD: to move

SHIFT: to sprint

SPACE: to jump

LEFT CLICK: Sword attack use multiple time to do a combo attack

ESC: to pause 

Update 1 : Now playable to the end

Fixed enemy bug where you couldn't damage the enemy.

Fixed the health bar turned down the health regen.

Game: Brad Aitken

Music: Holland Albright


30secondquest.7z 177 MB
30SecondQuest_Update.7z 197 MB
30SecondQuestHTML5.7z 79 MB

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