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Brilliant game, i really enjoyed playing it, great graphics and idea. I liked the idea of the black hole slowly approaching and swallowing up the area, it made for some panicky play. I wish you all the best with it, and I included it in a video i made of the Virtus Game Jam, i hope you don't mind!

Thank you so much for playing I'm really happy you enjoyed playing it, I apologize so much for the lag I'm still not sure where it's coming from. I dont mind at all about you putting it in a video I am proud of what I made and even though we didnt even get close to winning i had so much fun making it that me and a team will be continuing this project. Would love for you to do another video once we have something ready.


While the motion blur was kind of overwhelming and the game had a few issues running well and keeping mouse input, I enjoyed what I played! I like the idea of a timed puzzle platformer like this. I did run into a section, what felt like halfway or two thirds of the way through, that I couldn't figure out before being spaghettified. Still a good time though!

Hi thank you for playing. Sorry about the bugs it has I will be doing some fine tuning of these so people can play it how it was intended. I was watching the video as you got to the green cubes and I was so annoyed at myself I forgot to plug in the platforms to move back and forth after last minute changes to code.

Anyways thank you so much for the review please come back once I have it fixed so you can help journey build his ship and escape the blackhole.